Frequently Asked Questions
Can You Stay Until The End of My Wedding?
Sure! Our full day package includes capturing your day from the preparations through the last major event of the wedding (up to 10 hours)
Should I Provide a Meal For Vendors at My Wedding?
We are humans too, and we get hungry during a long shoot. If a meal is not provided, we will have to take a one hour break to go out and get some nearby.
How Long Will It Take To See My Photos and Videos?
Engagement photos will be available approximately 1-2 weeks after the photoshoot. The wedding photos will take approximately 1 month to be ready and available. But you will also receive few photos on the first week. The videos can take up 2-3 month, depending on number of our congestion.
How Many Photos Will We Receive?
You will receive minimum of 500 high quality edited photos for a full day wedding and minimum 50 photos for engagement photoshoot.
How Do We Receive Our Pictures and Videos?
We will send you a direct link to download your photos and videos as they are done. When everything is done you will receive a flash drive with all the final files.
Do You Offer Some Discounts?
Yes, we have awesome low season discount for photo + video package at off seasons. Contact us for more details.
Do You Reserve The Right to Publish The Photos?
Yes, we use the photos for portfolio and sometimes for marketing purposes.
We Do Not Know How to Pose. Can You Tell Us How to Get Up?
We believe that the secret to good photos is not just getting the right pose but to relax and be yourself in whatever pose you display. We love natural photos and real emotions. It is our responsibility to make sure you relax and give up the right emotions. We will advise you on some poses, but the more instinctive and more mobile you get, the better the photos will turn out. In any shooting, there is always a part for the classical production, when it's really necessary to get up in a beautiful pose, count on us to deliver.
What If We Have Special Wishes?
Do not keep it to yourself :) Be sure to tell us about them :)
Can We Have a Pre-wedding Photoshoot?
Yes, we offer free pre-wedding photoshoot or post wedding photoshoot (trash the dress) in our full day packages. It is great for getting to know each other and for getting used to the camera. We can take these photos at any location of your choice in London area.
Do You Have Back-up Equipment?
YES! This is very important in case something stops working. We have backup cameras and lenses to tackle any unforeseen contingency.
How Can We Book You For our Wedding?
Contact us using the contact form on our website, email or Whatsapp with some more details about you, dates, venue and your wedding in general. A 20% deposit is required to reserve your date.